Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Junior Prom

A few weeks ago, I had an incredible experience. I got to take pictures for a special Junior Prom. A fantastic young man named Quade asked a sweet girl named Karlee to their Junior Prom. It was to be her first date. She is 16 and is fighting off her 2nd battle with two types of cancer. She has had several tumors removed. As it got closer to prom, she found out she was going to have to be in the hospital undergoing another round of Chemo during the prom. Quade decided he and his friend Chase would go visit Karlee that night in the hospital. As plans progressed, they decided to take prom to Karlee. They both rented Tuxedos, bought flowers and got their moms to help out with dinner. Karlee's mom got her a wig and a beautiful prom dress. The hospital chipped in and helped out with a nice classroom that they decorated and put a backdrop and the kitchen help even dressed up to serve them dinner. The doctor gave her a pass so she could leave her hospital room and they were allowed to go across the street to the city park. I came along to take pictures and we were able to do a nice photo shoot both in the hospital and then a bunch of fun pictures at the park. This was an amazing bunch of youth. The boys were so polite and gracious, giving her many compliments and taking such good care of her. They really tried hard to make it a memorable night. Karlee has an amazing strong spirit she is doing all she can to beat this thing. You can really sense what an amazing person she is. Karlee had lost so much weight that they had to put a feeding tube in to help her eat enough. Her mom asked me if I could photo shop the tube out, so it is missing in some of the pictures. She has sores all over in her mouth and throat from the tube and from her white blood count dropping so low. So it was painful for her to talk a whole lot. She managed quite well in spite of it all and was even able to eat some with the boys. I think this will be a night they will always remember. I know I will and I was just there shooting photos. I feel so privileged to be asked to document such a special night. Here are just a few of my favorites from the night. Thanks so much Quade, Chase & Karlee for asking me to be there.

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