Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Early Morning

Those who know me best know I am not a morning person. Knowing that early morning light is magic in the world of photography, its surprising I'm not more motivated to get up earlier. I think I need to try harder to get up and see the world at this most beautiful and peaceful hour. Hmmm... something to work on. Well, I did make it up early the other day. It was the first night we stayed in our new cabin and I awoke early and went outside. I immediately had to run back in and grab my camera. The world takes on such beautiful highlights and shadows as the new light creaps across the landscape. Here are a few of the wildflowers outside our door. Enjoy.

Our Dream is Alive!!!

Ok, so here is some of the explanation of why I've been so busy. We have been building a new lodge up the mountains. We started digging the foundation May of 2005 so this has been a long project that has consumed a lot of our time. We are finally almost finished. We just have to dig the well this next week and finish up a bit of plumbing and hang the last few light fixtures. My husband and I are opening a new ranch business called Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. We will be renting out the lodge and offering guided trophy elk hunts this fall. I am currently building our website and it has also taken up a lot of my computer and photography time. I am so excited. I'll post the website address when I get it finished in case anyone is interested. There are tons of details to work out, but we are excited. This has been a dream a long time in the making. If you can dream it and believe it, anything can happen. Here are some of my most recent shots of our cabin.

Finally a Post!!!

My appologies to all those who follow my blog. I have been EXTREMELY busy this summer. I did however manage to squeeze in a family shoot recently and have several more to do. Here are some of my latest. I am also excited as I got my new WACOM pen tablet and this was the first batch of photos that I got to edit with it. I am really in love and hopefully it will be easier on my wrist. All the edit time was giving me carpal tunnel symptoms :(.

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