Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More of Meegan

Here are more from our shoot.

At it again...

Meegan and I have been at it again. We had another photo play day last week and I've just finished processing them. We had so much fun! It is so great to have a good friend to share all the learning process with. Its also nice to be with someone as excited about taking pictures as I am. She truly understands my obsession better than anyone. This was such a great location. I've had this scouted out for a while, but today was the ideal time to try it out. (Thanks Lisa for letting us use your yard! You have many cool spots to shoot.) I am really loving all the color. I think I will really miss it come winter. That green grass makes me long for a summer that is already long gone. I just love summer, but do enjoy the changing seasons. I wouldn't want to live where it was mostly the same year round. And thanks again Meegan for getting me out and helping me feed my creative side.

Monday, October 30, 2006

More photos of Holly

Here are some more photos of Holly.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Best Friends since 4th Grade!

Saturday, I was really itching to do a photo shoot, so I called up one of my best friends, Holly Christensen and begged her to come let me take some photos for her. She said, "Only for you!" but she agreed. We have been friends since the 4th grade and we have so many memories together we could probably write a book. We had so much fun just the two of us and no children in tow! (She has six! I'm so proud of her she's an excellent mother.) It was very much a spoiled fun time. She indulged my slowness and we were really able to get some great shots. Holly, thanks for your patience. I loved working with her because she is so gorgeous. Her skin is porcelain smooth and you don't have to hide anything. And those eyes.... well they're so stunning, I think they speak for themselves. We had so much fun, I think I'm going to treat each of my girl friends to a shoot. Since when do mothers ever call and book themselves with photographer to get their picture taken, yet we do it all the time for the kids. I think this will be great. I'm really excited with the idea. So, without further ado...meet my great friend Holly. She is a pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.

(P.S. These are only the beginning, there are many more to come...I couldn't decide which ones. They are all so good.)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally did some photos of myself

I have been dying to get out and take some more photos, but everyday this week something else has come up and force out my photo time. Such is life. I decided to go back and finally post process some more of the photos from our last playday with Meegan & Keaton. I think its harder to be satisfied with pictures of yourself than of other people, but here are a few of myself that I think turned out ok.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Playing with Flash

In preparation for a possible indoor shoot, I was playing around with my new Nikon SB-800 Speedlite Flash. It is a lot different than shooting natural light. I was practicing bouncing the light off the ceiling, wall etc.. trying create different lighting effects. Here are a few that turned out ok. I am definitely going to have to practice some more.

Sometimes in learning photography, it seems its hard to keep up with all the technology. I've really been trying to focus on the basics of good photography and today while searching for a video tutorial of Photoshop for my friend, I came across this great quote and thought I'd share it here.

"In a whirlwind of technilogical advances, nothing ever seems to stay the same. Truth is, the fundamentals of good photography will never change. Creating a dramatic image will always depend on the insite, planning and ability of the photographer to recreate what he or she sees in his or her mind and heart. Composition, lighting, exposure and impact are all immune to technology and can never be altered by it. The fundamentals of good photography are priceless and timeless." - Robert Provenchek from nobsphotosuccess.com


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Enchanting Emma

My grandpa who is 80 y.o. recently got remarried. My brother was home with his family for the wedding. It was so good to have them here since we see them but once or twice a year. We had all the boys and he and his wife have had all the girls. It was fun to photograph a little girl for a change. She is such a doll. She was sitting on the table eating cake and I had to capture some of her. She has her dad's stunning blue eyes.
Enjoy my neice~Emma,

Crisp Fall Morning

It was a crisp fall morning and I couldn't convince the boys to go out side for pictures. The lighting was just beautiful on the yellow trees outside; backlighting the leaves til they seemed to glow from within. I love the colors of fall. I decided to go outside in my yard with the camera to see what I could find of interest to shoot. Here are some still lifes from my wandering.
(I never realized how many milk cans we have *grin*)

Maegan & Abby

Maegan was over helping me make plum jelly the other day and I couldn't resist snapping some photos of her sweet little girl Abby. She is such a doll! Here are a few of Abby & Maegan. How can you resist those cute little pig tails :)

When the boys get tired...

When the boys get tired of us taking pictures at our photo play day, we resort to taking pictures of each other. Our desire to take pictures way out lasts their attention span. Here are a few gorgeous pictures of Meegan. They were so fun to shoot. (Meegan, I love your eyes!)

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